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    Garage Door Sensor Repair

    Looking for a Garage Door Sensor Repair Service?

    A malfunctioning garage door sensor can turn into the biggest hindrance in your garage.

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    It can happen any time inside your garage as a result of weathering and age.

    Instead of additional protection to your household, the faulty sensor adds issues instead.

    It ends up creating damages to anything along the path of the garage door.

    Your move to have an automated garage door is to make sure that the garage is more accessible.

    What happens if the automated function doesn’t work the way it should?

    Your garage door won‘t open when you want to drive in the car towards the garage.

    Apart from its glitches, the worse thing is figuring out what’s wrong with the sensor.

    There are many reasons the sensor doesn’t function fully.

    For faulty garage door sensors, you will need a Garage Door Sensor Repair in Los Angeles.

    What is a garage door sensor?

    It’s easy to confuse the different parts of your garage door at home.

    A garage door sensor is usually on either side of the garage door in its frame.

    Usually, it’s situated on the bottom part of the garage door.

    It acts as a photo eye system that detects the presence of objects along its scope.

    In this way, the garage door doesn’t end up crushing anything beneath it.

    Garage door sensors have been around since the 1990s.

    They are mandatory for all garage doors in the United States.

    Warnings of a faulty garage door sensor

    Many signs indicate a faulty garage door.

    Prolonging a repair or a checkup of the garage door can lead to more faults by the sensor.

    Don’t risk the safety inside your garage by delaying a repair.

    If you ever experience any of the following signs after a thorough check of your sensors, your sensor is due for a Garage Door Sensor Repair.

    Your garage door reverses unexpectedly

    A garage door sensor should only reverse the garage door when there’s an obstruction.

    This prevents any object, whether a box, your pet, or car from crushing and potential damages.

    This is the additional safety it contributes to making your garage safer.

    Nevertheless, the opposite causes a hassle when there’s nothing on the path.

    If the garage door doesn’t close despite the absence of distractions below, there is something wrong with wires or the lenses.

    Check for the presence of any blocking light that affects the lens.

    This is a potential cause for the unexpected reversal of the garage door.

    This may not work and you’re still stuck with a door that reverses.

    In this case, the garage door sensor is defective.

    It’s time for a repair service to fix it.

    You can’t open and close the garage door on command

    The wiring of the garage door system is often the culprit in many malfunctions inside the garage.

    The garage door sensor connects to the opener for the open/close function.

    Any wiring issues with the opener and the sensor result in stubborn garage doors.

    Another potential cause for this is dirty lenses.

    Sometimes a dirty garage door sensor lens causes the malfunction and doesn’t detect well.

    Imagine holding down buttons while the door closes or catching a good angle that works.

    Either way, it can cause inefficient garage door experiences for you.

    To ensure that your whole garage door system works, check the wirings.

    It’s best to avail professional service to fix any mishap with the wiring.

    Don’t risk damages and safety by trying to repair the wiring alone.

    We are Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles.

    We are here to help you with this concern.

    Light indicators of the sensor

    Garage door sensors have light indicators that indicate the condition of the sensor.

    A green light indicates that the sensor is working fine.

    A red light indicates that your sensor might not be properly aligned.

    When a red light flashes, inspect the sensor for any loose parts or wiring faults.

    Blinking lights also send a signal that the sensor is not in line.

    When this happens, check the sensors in place for any lapses like loose screws or brackets.

    If it still doesn’t work, it’s time to call in repair service.

    A Garage Door Sensor Repair service will fix the issues.

    Don’t let a faulty garage door sensor ruin your garage!

    A faulty sensor can easily ruin the efficiency of your garage.

    You’ll spend more time and effort figuring out the sensor than using it.

    What you can do is call people who can fix the sensor for you.

    Here at Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles, we offer our services to you.

    No matter what kind of sensor you have or whatever damage there is, we can repair it for you.

    Our Garage Door Sensor Repair in Los Angeles can guarantee 100% working sensors in your garage.

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