Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    You may not give much attention to your garage door until something goes wrong.

    Routinely pushing the opener button and letting your garage door automatically work isn’t something you would usually spend time thinking about.

    But every piece of equipment needs regular maintenance to keep its good working condition.

    Your garage door needs care and attention as it performs heavy work daily.

    In order to extend your garage door’s life and operate for many years ahead, it’s essential to allocate time and effort to carry out timely preventive maintenance.

    Since your garage door can face many issues over time, you must practice proper care and reduce the troubles you might have to go through in the future.

    For best results, you can follow this garage door maintenance checklist and make the process fast and easy.

    Observe Your Garage Door

    Paying enough to what’s happening in your garage door system will help you spot any problems.

    You can observe if your garage door is running smoothly, jerking in some places, or creating noisy and strange sounds.


    Doing regular cleaning can help you keep your garage door sparkly and functional.

    It’s one of the best and simple ways that many garage door owners overlooked.

    The cleaning will only take a few minutes, but it can have a significant impact on your garage door’s upkeep.

    You can do this on your own.

    Remove any dirt and debris on the equipment and see if there are obstructions or damages to your garage door components.

    Tighten Loose Hardware

    Your overhead door can move up and down over a thousand times annually.

    The frequent vibration and movement may cause some hardware or components to loosen.

    Inspect and tighten all loose parts, from brackets to bolts.

    Check the Rollers

    Your garage door maintenance checklist should include roller check-ups.

    A door with defective or damaged rollers may get uneven and function wobbly.

    See if there are any dents and defects on your garage door rollers.

    You might eventually have to replace them as needed to avoid further problems.

    Track Inspection

    The track serves as the pathway of your garage door.

    Ensure that this component is intact, and don’t forget to do this when doing your garage door maintenance.

    Get rid of any debris blocking the way to prevent your garage door from jerking, getting stuck, or going off the track.

    Check the Springs

    Your garage door springs are under a lot of tension.

    When it breaks, it can cause serious injuries and damages to your property.

    Include the springs check-up on your garage door maintenance checklist and examine any signs of rust, wear, and damages.

    Once you see a major problem, contact a garage door repair company near you to fix it.

    Never attempt to replace or fix your garage door springs yourself, as the process can be dangerous and complicated.

    Inspect the Cables, Bolts, and Hinges

    You also have to check any defects on your garage door’s cables, hinges, and bolts.

    This is very important as cables may lose tension over time, and hinges can get unscrewed.

    Although it rarely happens, a bolt can also break off.

    So, give the said components a detailed look and inspection.

    Test Your Garage Door’s Balance

    Examine the balance or evenness of your overhead door.

    This action will help you see if other parts are starting to fail.

    If your garage door doesn’t pass the balance test, your best option is to get a professional technician to inspect the entire unit thoroughly and perform the required repairs.

    Lubricate Garage Door Components

    Regular component lubrication is essential for your garage door’s smooth operation.

    You may use a non-silicone-based lubricant on its metal components.

    Just make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with the nylon rollers or door track.

    The lubrication of nylon rollers is only on its bearings.

    For your garage door track, a cloth and brake cleaner can do the job.

    Maintain Your Garage Door’s Smooth Operation

    Your garage door maintenance might take time and effort, but it can help you extend the life of your entire system.

    It will also improve your garage door’s appearance by removing any rust, dust, and debris on its components.

    Keep your entire overhead door systems running smoothly by having Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles’s professional maintenance service.

    We’ve prepared a comprehensive garage door maintenance checklist for any overhead doors in Los Angeles.

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