Garage Door Cable Repair

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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Need a Garage Door Cable Repair Service?

    Garage door cables have a variety of work in the garage door system.

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    They do a lot of the hard work from the other parts so the garage doors function as a whole.

    You can consider the cables as the thing that ties other parts to work together.

    As such, a broken garage door cable can pose a problem for your garage.

    A broken cable can essentially mean a garage door that won’t open at all.

    It’s best to keep it up to shape so that your garage door doesn’t have any issues.

    Cables are subject to wear and tear over time.

    You use them every time the garage door opens or closes in your residence.

    Eventually, with too much use, it will need repairs that will restore its functionality.

    Maintenance and routine repairs are essential in keeping the cables functional.

    Our Garage Door Cable Repair here at Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles is your answer.

    Different types of garage door cables and their uses

    You might be wondering.

    There are different types of cables.

    All of them serve their function within the garage door.

    Some parts have separate cables while others are more interconnected to function together.

    Each kind of garage door spring has a respective cable.

    The following are the different cables you can find in your garage door:

    Torsion spring cables

    The cables connect to the system of the torsion spring.

    The ends of both torsion spring cables hook to the bottom of the garage door.

    The cables lift the bottom while the torsion spring uses its stored force to rotate the cable drum.

    This is the reason you can lift the heavy garage door without breaking a sweat.

    Emergency cables

    Emergency cables act as a safety precaution in case the spring breaks.

    These cables go through the springs.

    In case any of the spring breaks, the cables can keep them in place preventing injuries and damages.

    Extension spring cables

    Extension spring cables connect to the end of the extension springs.

    When the extension spring cables lift the door, the extension spring shrinks back in place.

    A torsion spring works with torque while an extension spring uses stretch force.

    Signs that the garage door cable needs repair

    If a spring breaks, the garage door doesn’t open.

    That itself is a sign that you need to have a Garage Door Cable Repair.

    Other signs of a faulty garage door spring include, but are not limited to the following:

    • There are marks on the cables that result from faulty bearing like cable frays and rust.
    • Issues with a misaligned garage door.
    • Any loose cable lengths around the garage.
    • There are noises when you open or close the garage door.

    In general, once you find that cables are loose and thinning out, repair is necessary.

    Avoid the occurrence of a breaking cable when somebody is around.

    This can cause serious property damage and danger.

    Urgent repair services

    In unfortunate events, garage door cables snap.

    This calls for an urgent response that resulted from a faulty cable over time.

    Turn off the power in your garage.

    This prevents unwanted or accidental work from the garage door system.

    Prepare your garage and clear any valuables in place.

    Note that you won’t be able to use your garage door for the time being.

    Call for professional service like us and we will be with you shortly.

    Affordable garage door cable repairs in Los Angeles

    We know that there are concerns with rates.

    It is only natural that you worry about the price, especially for urgent concerns.

    You don’t need to distress yourself.

    We promise to give repairs that are within your budget.

    Contact us for a more precise estimate of your cable damage.

    Solve your garage door cable concerns!

    Repairing the garage door is not a simple task.

    It takes a lot of experience to trace it around and give it a full repair.

    Don’t worry about this.

    Here at Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles, we focus on helping you.

    We offer Garage Door Cable Repair services for any issues with your cables.

    With our effort and professional experience, we know just about any issues that your cables have.

    No matter what kind of damage or trouble you have, our service gives a full fix guarantee.

    You don’t need to look anywhere else in Los Angeles.

    Book us to solve your garage door cable concerns as soon as possible!

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