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527 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Based here in Los Angeles, we founded Stamford Garage doors with a mission in mind: to serve our customers with the best parts, workmanship and customer service to match. We’re a passionate crew and we truly love what we do. We take huge pride in excellent craftsmanship, making sure to leave nothing unturned.

We know there’s a ton of options out there and when researching on the internet it can be confusing on who to pick. We’re kind of old school. Kind of. If we’ve not listed something on our website here, we have a truly caring and friendly customer service team that are waiting to take your call. We don’t believe in hard sales or pressurizing our customers, so we give you the info you need, obligation-free.

We understand that it’s sometimes natural to overlook any potential issues or concerns you have with your garage door, because it’s only your garage door, right? No! We strongly advise that if you have any doubt about your garage door that means it’s not fully working as it should, then contact us and we’ll be able to assist you further. After all, your garage door, like your main door, is a pathway to your home.

You may have already had work done on your garage door before, and maybe it looked great to start with and performed great for a few weeks, even months but all of a sudden something broke? This is more common than you’d think and it’s the result of poorly designed and manufactured parts that circuits the industry in order to cut costs.

Here at Stamford Garage Doors, however, we’ve established long relationships with only the best in the business when it comes to suppliers. That’s why we’re able to provide QUALITY parts with fully comprehensive warranties at the SAME LOW PRICE as our competitors.

Heard enough? Eager to get started? Great! If you’d like to speak with us right away, call our number on the top of our website and we’ll be right there to help. Or, if you would prefer, leave your contact information on one of our forms and we’ll call you back usually the very same day!

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