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    Garage Door Won’t Close

    Your garage door may experience a problem when opening or closing.

    It will sometimes require you to do a simple battery replacement in the opener to keep it running again.

    However, instances happen when your garage door incurs a major issue you can’t easily solve yourself.

    For problems like a garage door won’t close, refrain yourself from doing the repairs or inspection on your own.

    You might find yourself paying more money to fix the problem and worsen the situation when performing DIY solutions.

    The best alternative to fix a garage door that won’t close is to seek help from expert technicians.

    But if you want to attempt a repair or replacement job, here’s what you can do before consulting a professional garage door repair company.

    Perform Visual Inspection and Remove Obstructions

    Your first move would be to inspect your entire garage door system.

    A blocked sensor may cause a garage door’s failure to close.

    See if there’s any obstruction that’s blocking your overhead door’s safety sensors.

    Even if there are no obstructions in the way, it’s essential to give the sensor’s eyes a thorough cleaning and get rid of any dirt and debris that might be present on its surfaces.

    If your garage door remains broken and still won’t close, make sure that the sensors’ alignment is on-point.

    In order to restore the uninterrupted connection of your garage door system, gently bend the sensors if you see them not aligned with each other.

    Set Your Garage Door’s Travel Limits

    If you’ve done inspecting the sensors and their alignment, but still your garage door fails to work properly, there must be something wrong with its open and close limits.

    Also referred to as the garage door’s travel limits, these settings indicate how far your door must travel before reaching a close position.

    It also helps in preventing your garage door from smashing any objects on its way.

    If you set the limits too high, your garage door may sense the floor as a blockage, causing it to swing open immediately after you close it.

    Fortunately, you can adjust the travel limits using a screwdriver and some measurements.

    For a detailed guide, you can scan and consult your garage door’s manual or get assistance from a well-trained technician near you.

    Get the Door and its Rollers on Track

    A garage door that won’t close can be frustrating and inconvenient.

    It also puts your home or business at risk of thefts and break-ins.

    Keeping your overhead door closed is vital for your property’s security.

    Your life can become quite stressful when you have a garage door that won’t stay shut.

    When trying to fix the issue, you’ll have to put some extra attention on your garage door’s rollers and tracks.

    Lack of maintenance may lead to deterioration, causing these components to fail.

    To solve your problem, you must first clean the metal rollers, remove any grime lingering in them and lubricate them using a non-silicone-based product.

    As for the nylon ones, you should only lubricate their bearings.

    The next step is to clean the tracks, get rid of any obstructions building up in the path to help your garage door operate properly.

    If your simple DIYs do not set the problems straight, it’s a good idea to seek professional assistance instead of doing more extensive repairs by yourself.

    You may also view this quick video for more tips and guides.

    Call the Professionals at Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles

    A garage door won’t close due to many reasons. It can be coming from the sensors, rollers, or tracks.

    You may take action on your own and perform simple repairs.

    However, the best solution for a garage door that won’t close would be to team up with Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles.

    We can fix the issues for you, ensuring to perform residential or commercial garage door repair with safety and efficiency.

    Our well-trained and dedicated team will be able to help you solve any garage door issues in Los Angeles.

    What’s more, we’ll recommend preventive measures that you can carry out on your own to avoid the same problem in the future.

    We’re here to offer immediate, professional, and reliable garage door replacement and repair service anytime.

    Get in touch with our trusted and expert team for any garage door problems!

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