Garage Door Spring Installation

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    Garage Door Spring Installation

    Your garage door has heavy-duty springs, which are vital for its operation.

    Although many problems can occur with your overhead door, one of the most critical ones involves the tension springs.

    The springs perform heavy lifting and provide significant support to your entire garage door system.

    Your overhead door typically relies on its heavy-duty springs to operate.

    These components are under extreme pressure, which is essential for your garage door system’s open and close cycle.

    But like anything under pressure, your garage door springs will eventually wear out and require a replacement.

    Although you can opt for a repair job, a garage door spring installation or replacement would be best, especially if the parts have worn out.

    Whether it’s for your home or commercial garage door in Los Angeles, you need a well-operational tension spring to keep your system running.

    How Does Garage Door Spring Works?

    Your garage door’s tension springs provide the system a lifting force to support a heavy door.

    With tremendous tension, you might get hurt when problems happen or if you’re careless.

    You probably don’t think much about your garage door spring until it gets broken.

    A garage door that won’t open or function like usual may put a damper on your entire day, delaying your activities and important schedule.

    If your springs show some signs of deterioration and you know that your garage door system is old, let the experienced technicians inspect it for your safety.

    But you must identify first what spring-type does your garage door use.

    Knowing the Types of Garage Door Springs

    Garage doors typically used different springs to function.

    Before you attempt a replacement or installation job, verify your garage door spring type and compatibility to avoid problems during the process.

    There are two major categories of garage door springs: torsion and extension.

    Torsion Springs

    These springs link above a closed overhead door.

    Depending on its weight, size, and capacity, your garage door can include about one to four torsion springs.

    You can find these springs on a metal shaft right above your door’s opening.

    The springs wrap around the system through torsion force, while the aluminum drums’ placement is on either end of the metal shaft.

    Torsion springs come in standard, steel rolling-door, early-set, or torque-master types.

    A residential garage door spring installation usually uses either early-set or standard torsion springs.

    While industrial and commercial establishments often use the torque-master and steel rolling-door torsion springs for much heavier weights.

    You may call on the experts to know what spring is right for your garage door.

    Extension Springs

    The garage door’s extension springs are skinny and elongated, running side by side with your door’s horizontal tracks.

    It gets energy from stretching whenever your garage door moves.

    Extension springs also come in categories: open-looped, double-looped, and clipped-end.

    The open-looped often depends on an open wire and is the weakest design of extension spring.

    Once the wire gets broken, you’ll have to replace the entire spring to make your garage door function again.

    On the other hand, the extension springs that are looped twice are more durable than the open-looped ones.

    It has two coils at the spring’s edge, connected to the eyebolt and pulley.

    The most robust of these extension springs is the clipped-end.

    This style tends to have a longer life span, often used for garage doors weighing over 200 pounds.

    Consult the Experts

    A garage door spring installation is not as simple as you think.

    It involves risks and possible complications if done improperly.

    Components of a damaged spring can split off at extreme speeds, resulting in property damages and injuries.

    When replacing or installing a garage door spring, always remember to take precautionary measures or better consult expert technicians for the best action.

    Doing so will free you from all the troubles a garage door spring installation or replacement can bring.

    Besides, realizing the importance of a garage door spring and knowing what you can do to perform a safe installation process is vital for all home or commercial overhead door owners.

    That’s why we at Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles ensure to provide secure, accurate, and professional services, from installation to repairs.

    Whether you need to set up a new spring or require immediate garage door repair in Los Angeles, we’re ready to help at any time.

    You may get on the line with us today to schedule a visit.

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