Garage Door Opener Installation

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    Garage Door Opener Installation

    One of your garage door’s system essential components is its opener.

    This opener is a highly complex piece, consisting of numerous intricate parts working simultaneously with each other.

    It prompts the door to lift and lower as you push the button consistently.

    Electric garage door openers bring convenience to your home or business.

    However, like many other pieces of equipment, you’ll eventually have to get a new one installed in your garage door system.

    Why Should You Install a New Garage Door Opener?

    Let’s look at these reasons why it’s time to get a new garage door opener for your home or commercial space:

    • Your old opener is over ten years old
    • There’s a loud and strange noise coming from your garage door opener
    • Frequent issues on the garage door affecting the opener’s reliability
    • You have safety concerns with your opener
    • Outdated features of garage door opener

    The above-listed are only some of the reasons why you need a new garage door opener.

    If you’ve always wanted to purchase a new opener to improve your garage door system, then do what you need to do.

    You can choose from varieties of modern garage door openers available in the market today.

    Types of Garage Door Openers

    There are various styles and types of garage door openers that might fit your preference. Some of these are:

    Chain Drive Opener – This style is the one that most people commonly associate with an overhead door opener.

    It basically works with a chain attached to a trolley running along a rail — the trolley links to the motor unit, which is responsible for opening and closing the door.

    Belt Drive Opener – It operates similarly to the chain drive mechanism but it uses a belt.

    Screw Drive Opener – This opener also works in a similar way to the chain and belt drive models.

    But they differ in one thing as the screw drive uses a threaded steel rod to move the trolley.

    It also produces higher noise levels than the two previous types, making it somehow a less affectionate style of opener.

    Jackshaft Opener – It has a powerful motor that regulates a torsion spring. This opener usually sits on your garage wall and has a super quiet DC motor.

    Installing a New Garage Door Opener

    Here are some basic ways on how you can carry out a new garage door opener installation:

    1. Check all components before assembly
    2. Assemble the rail with the trolley
    3. Attach the rail to the opener motor unit
    4. Set up the chain
    5. Install the header bracket support
    6. Mount the opener to the garage ceiling
    7. Connect the door bracket and arm
    8. Set the electronics, including the remote control and safety sensor
    9. Program standard door travel
    10. Test the garage door opener’s safety mechanism

    You can follow the above-listed steps in order to set up your garage door opener correctly and safely.

    For a more detailed guide, you may view this video.

    Get Professional Garage Door Opener Installation Service

    Installing a garage door opener takes time and energy.

    Since you have to carry out multiple tasks to set up everything accordingly, you might have to allocate much of your time to complete the job.

    Moreover, you’ll have to prepare all the required tools and follow the installation instructions carefully to prevent any problems.

    You also have to ensure that the door is steady before setting up the new opener.

    A balanced garage door won’t suddenly move when you open it halfway without holding it.

    On the other hand, a door that’s out of balance can give your opener a hard time and bring danger to your and the people around you.

    Have your garage door balanced and install a new opener with Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles professional technicians’ help.

    You can rely on our on-call team for all your garage door concerns.

    Whether you need a garage door repair or opener installation service, we can back you up anytime.

    With our expert technicians, you won’t have to deal with the time-consuming and strenuous tasks of a garage door opener installation in Los Angeles.

    We are the professionals you need for any garage door repair, installation, and replacement service in your area.

    Call us for appointments and further inquiries. We are available round the clock!

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