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    Garage Door Moving Slow

    Lots of inconveniences happen when your garage door is moving slowly.

    When your garage door takes too long to open or close, you might feel like you’ve missed something in your life.

    Waiting for the door to fully open so you could get your car out of your garage is never a pleasant situation, especially if you’re running late for an appointment or work.

    But how do you know if your overhead door is truly moving slowly or you’re just impatient?

    If you’ve gotten used to the speed of your garage door, and you’ve noticed that something’s wrong with its pace, you might be having some problems with its system.

    However, sometimes when you’re in a hurry, you won’t think much of your garage door’s usual speed as you just want it to open or close fully.

    Commercial garage doors usually move extra fast to meet business requirements.

    On the other hand, an average residential overhead door moves at a speed of seven inches per second.

    It takes about 15 seconds to completely close or open.

    If your garage door takes longer than 15 seconds, and it’s only a standard overhead door, don’t ignore it and take the right action promptly.

    Besides, it’s essential to know what’s causing your garage door to move slowly. So, here’s to give you some ideas on why a situation like this happens.

    Why Your Garage Door Moves Slow?

    Many reasons can make your garage door move slowly.

    Take note of the following causes to find out how you can address your problem correctly.

    Garage Door’s Age

    A garage door slowly moving can be due to its old components and system.

    If you see some parts of your overhead door wearing out because of long-term use, it might be time to replace them and make your garage door system function effectively again.

    It can be the torsion spring, opener, or your entire system that’s causing your garage door to move slowly.

    After a long-time of usage without any upgrades, maybe it’s about time to have a garage door replacement, whether its components or the door itself.

    You may also have your garage door repaired if it’s still possible. If not, consider the replacement option.

    Speed Setting Programmed to Slow

    Your garage door has a speed setting that programs the system to move at a standard rate for your safety.

    Check the user’s manual for any guide on how you can safely set your garage door to open and close quicker than usual.

    If the process is too risky and complex, don’t attempt to do it on your own.

    You can call a garage door repair technician to come to your place and change the speed setting for you.

    Poor Maintenance and Lubrication of Moving Components

    Any garage door, whether residential or commercial, needs timely maintenance and lubrication for smooth operation.

    You will have to perform the said processes to ensure that nothing’s wrong with your garage door.

    Besides, a garage door slowly moving is only one of the many problems you can encounter from poor lubrication and upkeep.

    For good maintenance, it’s essential to do proper lubrication.

    This will help your garage door system run without any issues while reducing the entire system’s pressure.

    It allows your opener and other components to function longer without often and unexpected breakdowns.

    Moreover, lubricating your garage door can make it move fast and quietly.

    But remember to use only the right lubricant for your overhead door’s tracks, hinges, springs, rollers, and other parts to avoid further issues.

    Trust Only the Experts at Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles

    For your garage door that’s moving slow, make sure to get to the bottom of the problem before taking action.

    Doing so will help you find the right solution and restore your garage door’s smooth operation.

    If you need a garage door repair in Los Angeles to fix your slow-moving opener, Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles is willing to provide the service you need 24/7.

    Trust our certified and highly skilled technicians for all your garage door replacement and repair concerns.

    Our well-rounded company is your best partner for residential or commercial garage door repair in Los Angeles.

    Don’t hesitate to book a service with our expert technicians anytime.

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