Coiling Steel Overhead Door Repair

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    Coiling Steel Overhead Door Repair

    There are a lot of different types of garage doors out there but one of the most commonly preferred by the majority is coiling overhead doors.

    This is mostly because it offers a lot of advantages and benefits when compared to the other options available in the market nowadays.

    With the rising demand for coiling overhead doors, the need for coiling steel overhead door repair services has increased as well.

    After all, your coiling garage doors will eventually have to wear out after a certain time of repeated usage.

    But what exactly are coiling overhead garage doors and where can you get repair services for them?

    Well, if you are interested to know, let’s find out together.

    What are coiling overhead doors?

    Before we answer the main topic at hand, let us first define and understand what exactly coiling overhead doors are.

    By doing so, you will be able to understand exactly how they work and what makes them so much different from other types of garage doors out there.

    Coiling overhead garage doors, or better known as rolling sheet garage doors, are a type of garage door which functions by having your sheets being coiled up on the topmost area of your garage door.

    They are basically your first line of defense protecting your valuables from all sorts of uncontrollable factors and the like.

    Instead of having sectional panels like your standard garage door, they have flexible steel sheets in place.

    They take up lesser space compared to other types of overhead garage doors making them such a popular choice among a lot of individuals.

    They are also very convenient to use as they are easy to operate and maintain if needed.

    Although they may look as flimsy at first, you can rest easy as they are actually very durable and versatile.

    Having thin sheets of metal in place of sectional panels has, in no way, affected their ability to keep the inside of your warehouse safe and protected.

    Common Coiling Steel Overhead Door Problems

    As good as it may seem, coiling steel overhead doors are not without their own flaws and problems.

    There will most likely be a point where you will have to experience having your garage doors breaking down on you.

    And this fact is no different even for coiling garage doors.

    However, as long as you understand these issues, you are able to address them accordingly and provide a suitable solution for your garage door problem.

    To help you out, here are some of the most common reasons for your malfunctioning coiling overhead garage doors.

    Insufficient power source

    If your garage door is not functioning, then it is most likely due to the fact that you do not have enough power to do so.

    A power source is something that is extremely necessary to open coiling overhead doors as they are mostly reliant on garage door openers.

    Try to see and check if there is a power shortage near your area or if your breaker is working as it should.

    If there seems to be no problem with your power source, then it is entirely possible that the problem lies with your wall-mounted switch or your garage door opener’s circuitry.

    Worn out or broken garage door components

    Just like every other type of garage door, one of the main causes, why your doors stop functioning, is due to worn-out components or parts.

    This is something that is completely normal when it comes to overhead garage doors.

    The door’s different components wear out over time due to the frequent usage and all the stress and tension it is exposed to on a daily basis.

    If this is the case for you, make sure to have the damaged part or component repaired right aways.

    If you continue to leave it as is, it may develop into an even bigger problem for your garage doors and could even potentially become a risk to you and the people around you.

    You may choose to do the repairs yourself or contact a garage door repair technician to help you deal with the problem.

    Misaligned components

    When it comes to coiling overhead doors, misaligned parts and components can be really common.

    It is one of the major leading culprits that cause problems for a lot of coiling overhead doors.

    Although this problem can be annoying to have, dealing with it accordingly can be relatively easy to do.

    Try to pinpoint exactly what component is causing the misalignment or the jam.

    Once you are able to do this, you should be able to provide an appropriate solution for the existing problem.


    Coiling steel overhead door repair services are not that much different from repair services of other garage door types.

    To deal with it, the approach is generally the same.

    All you need to do is understand how it works and what the cause of the problem is.

    Once you have done this, you should be able to provide an appropriate solution for your garage door problem.

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