Relatives of Youssef Mahboubian shattered by his murder – The Forward

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    Relatives of Youssef Mahboubian shattered by his murder – The Forward

    Youssef Mahboubian was in his home garage gathering tools for his backyard garden when his murderer struck.

    The 104 year-old Iranian Jewish immigrant was in strong physical shape and regulalrly tended to his garden at his large Encino, California home, his nephew Sam Shakib told the Forward.

    Mahboubian’s home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac on a hill with approximately 10 other houses. It was not uncommon for Mahboubian to leave his garage door open, Shakib said. The garage faced the street, and people could see that the garage was open, Shakib said.

    Adam Dimmerman, a 47-year-old Santa Barbara man accused of killing Mahboubian, was charged Monday with murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

    Grieving relatives of Youssef Mahboubian say they are baffled by his murder

    “How he got up there to kill this old man is beyond me,” Shakib said of his uncle’s murderer. “It’s crazy.”

    When he spoke to the Forward, Shakib, whose late mother was the deceased’s brother, was still processing the gruesome and unusual circumstances of the uncle’s death.

    Shakib said Mahboubian’s wife found her husband dead in the garage. He was unsure, however, who called the police.

    As has been widely reported, Mahboubian came to the U.S. from Iran in 1979. He was retired and led a successful life with a career that included importing radios. He was in strong physical health and was able to walk on his own and get by without taking pills.

    According to…

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