Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

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    Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

    Your overhead door problem, like a garage roller door getting stuck, is something that brings inconvenience to your everyday life.

    Even with timely maintenance and check-up, this frustrating situation can occur as your garage door ages.

    Your garage door may get stuck due to various reasons.

    Although you try hard to avoid such problems, you’ll eventually have to deal with it at a time you’re not expecting.

    It’s essential to know what’s causing your garage door to get stuck in order to find an effective solution.

    When your overhead door trouble like this happens, take action right away and call a garage door repair company near you for professional assistance.

    Why Your Garage Door Gets Stuck?

    Before you diagnose or inspect your stuck garage door, you’ll have to take safety precautions first.

    Taking careful actions when finding out how to fix the issues is important to keep you and everyone around you safe.

    An overhead door weighs hundreds of pounds, and it has springs that are under heavy tension.

    Without proper skills and safety precautions, you can hurt yourself and cause injuries to the people within or near the area.

    When trying to repair a stuck open garage door, take note that you should turn off the garage door opener.

    If you can manually pull down your overhead door to a closed position, do so before you attempt a repair job.

    But if it’s not possible, then don’t force it to prevent unnecessary accidents.

    You may check out this video on how to manually open your garage door when the power is out.

    Knowing what to do with a garage roller door getting stuck will make everything easier for you.

    Also, it’s essential to find out the reasons why you’re experiencing this problem to fix it at the soonest time possible.

    If you are unsure how you can perform the job, don’t attempt to do it yourself.

    Instead, call a professional technician to help you address the issues.

    The experts can help you identify the cause of the problem and solve them.

    Here are a few reasons why your garage door roller gets stuck and what you can do to fix it.

    Obstructions on the Track

    Your garage door rollers position along the tracks, and it works with the torsion springs to open and close the door.

    When something blocks the tracks, it will prevent the rollers from moving freely, leading to the entire garage door getting stuck.

    Try inspecting the tracks if there are any obstructions.

    Make sure that you’ve turned off your garage door opener before removing the objects blocking the way for your safety.

    Garage Door Rollers off the Track

    Your garage door rollers can jump off the track, causing the entire door to get stuck.

    If this happens to you, take immediate action and call a professional overhead door repair company to get your door back on the tracks.

    When damages on the panels caused the door to be off the track, you may have to repair or replace your entire garage door for the system to run smoothly again.

    Harsh Weather Conditions

    During the winter season, your garage door may stick due to the ice that might have built upon its parts.

    This situation can put pressure on the springs, causing them to get damaged.

    If you find your garage door with a broken spring, contact the experts right away for a repair or replacement service.

    Doing the job by yourself comes with risks, so you should rely on someone that’s highly capable of it.

    Broken Cables and Springs

    One of the common causes of a garage roller door getting stuck is a broken cable or spring.

    The cable and spring components are critical to your garage door’s up and down movement along the track.

    When one of these components gets damaged, your garage door won’t be able to operate.

    You might end up with an overhead door getting stuck while opening or closing.

    Lack of Lubrication

    Lubrication is important for any moving equipment.

    When you fail to do this with your garage door in a timely manner, you may experience door movement problems.

    Make sure to get your garage door lubricated as needed to prevent it from getting stuck.

    Prevent Your Garage Door from Getting Stuck

    Your garage door needs proper care and attention in order to avoid sticking problems.

    Doing timely inspections and maintenance is the key to keeping your entire garage door system running without any issues.

    Although you may try to perform the check-ups yourself, it would be best to let the experts take care of the job to ensure safety and desired outcome.

    Call on the professional technicians of Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles for any overhead door concerns.

    We have a local expert team serving all areas in Los Angeles.

    You may get on the line with us anytime if you have problems with a garage roller door getting stuck.

    We are within your reach round the clock!

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