Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

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    Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

    Our overhead door is one of the most frequently utilized entryways in our company’s building or business facility.

    Many business owners underestimate the misconception of getting the commercial overhead doors assessed only when something is wrong.

    A company owner should conduct routine maintenance and employ a licensed garage door repair technician to check the door once a year.

    It will keep them in good working order and prevent time-consuming and expensive repairs.

    Maintaining the garage door on a regular basis ensures the following factors:

    Cost: Most maintenance fees are much less costly than common repairs or replacing the entire door.

    Protection: A well-maintained door allows you to detect and avoid hardware failure, which may render the door inoperable or cause harm to staff or employees.

    Lifespan: It is a measure of how long you would expect to utilize your overhead doors. Although commercial doors will last for several years, the parts may eventually wear out if they are not maintained. Inspections regularly will help the machinery last longer.

    We understand that doing the work on our own will save us time and money as long as a dependable technician is available to do the job for our business.

    If none exist, we recommend working under the guidance of a repair specialist, such as Stamford Garage Door Repair in Los Angeles, to service your commercial overhead doors properly.

    Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Overhead Doors

    Facility managers and staff should conduct visual checks and simple tests to ensure all components are working correctly.

    Servicing appointments at least once a year is a must to detect possible problems with the overhead doors.

    Below is the checklist to properly conduct preventive overhead door maintenance:

    Regularly Conduct a Physical Inspection

    Garage doors move up and down a dozen times daily; keeping them in good shape, including all the components, is necessary.

    Conduct regular visual inspections on the door’s mechanisms – wires, roller bearings, springs, pulleys, and hinges to check for any signs of rust or corrosion.

    You can delegate this task to someone else if there is available in your company to do it.

    If no one is around, consult the Stamford Garage Door Repair Los Angeles experts for assistance with this process.

    Check the Door Balance

    Make sure to do this process safely to prevent injury to any of your staff.

    Disengage the opener’s overhead door and raise it halfway up the track to perform a balance test.

    The door will stay in place if it is correctly positioned or balanced.

    Test the Door’s Reversing Technique

    To test the door’s reversing mechanism, insert any object or a piece of wood at the base of the entrance.

    When using the automatic opener, shut down the commercial garage door.

    The door should quickly bounce back when it touches the object or wood.

    If it doesn’t work that way, call a repair specialist to examine this issue further.

    Something might be wrong with the door’s parts and need an immediate repair or replacement.

    Ensure to have a Clean Photo-Eye

    The door’s photo-eye must be clear of any dust and dirt.

    Close down the garage door and then block the eyebeam with any obstruction to check its safety feature’s efficiency.

    If the beam is broken, the door should lift or move up right away.

    Lubricate the Moving Components

    To avoid rust formation and possible wear and tear on any of the moving components, make sure to do the following:

    • Do the lubrication once every six months.
    • Ensure that all moving components such as springs and rollers are well lubricated.
    • Using a clean cloth and silicone oil, wipe all the parts and let them dry.

    When in doubt, it’s still best to consult an overhead door professional for assistance.

    Get in Touch with Stamford Garage Door Repair for Regular Overhead Door Maintenance

    In Los Angeles, we have been servicing the city for many years now.

    We provide excellent output in all our repair services – assembling, designing, servicing, and repairing all sorts of overhead doors.

    We can fix any commercial garage door types and models, including the broken components.

    We are also available 24 hours a day for all kinds of emergency services.

    To know more about our garage door services or want a free quotation, call us anytime!

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